Finally. The true secret to eliminating stress from your life once and for all…

"Another Miserable Monday Morning. The Reflection In The Mirror Has Aged You Ten Years. You're Tired. Fed Up. And Hate The Way Your Life Is Going...

Here's How To Guarantee That It Doesn't Have To Be That Way. Ever Again!"

It's Monday morning. The alarm blasts you awake at 6:00 a.m.

You swing your legs over the side of the bed, raise your body and it hits. Ouch...headache! Yet another night tossing and turning worrying about stuff, you drag yourself off to the shower. Ever wish you could just be one of those people who didn't have a care in the world?

As soon as the sharp, penetrating needles of hot water hit your fragile skin, the adrenaline begins to kick in. You slowly begin to wake up properly as you begin to mentally check off everything waiting on your desk this morning. You let out a huge sigh as you look in the mirror at the person who looks at least ten years older than their real age.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, you pull on the first sock and your toe proceeds to stick out through the end of it. Cursing under your breath, you find another pair only to find it has a hole through the other one! What the heck, you mismatch them - no one will ever notice, right? You're too damn tired to care.

Flying down the stairs, you manage to avoid the oatmeal covered fingers of your son as you trip on a toy past his highchair on the way to the coffee pot. As you are pouring your first cup of the day, in waltzes your teenage daughter, looking like something out of the “Bride of Frankenstein” right down to the black finger nail polish.

You cast a sideways glance to your partner who shrugs their shoulders as if to say, “What can we do?” No time to deal with it now as you rush out the door to join the rest of the stampede of miserable people desperate to get to a job they hate on time. How did life get so mundane and depressing as this?

The freeway is in what else is new? By the time you reach your work, instead of feeling like you can take on the world, you just want to tell your boss where to go and just disappear.

Your colleague is blabbing a litany of "must do's and don'ts" for the day, and mentions that the boss wants to see you. The water cooler gang invites you to join the current world debate but you persevere, rushing to your desk, and slumping yourself down in your really uncomfortable chair. Aaaaah. Another day in paradise. Not!

Suddenly it hits you. You feel as though a ten ton weight has just fallen on your chest. You feel as though you are drowning as you labor to grab a breath. You begin to notice a gnawing pain shooting up and down your left arm. You struggle to reach the phone to call your partner when everything becomes darker and darker until...?

Did you know that statistically there are more heart attacks on Monday mornings than at any other time in the United States? It’s true. Traffic, debts, work. Heck, LIFE! They all contribute to STRESS!'s not all doom and gloom!

Stress is something that YOU can (sometimes very easily) control - even if you don't believe you can.

The thing need to learn exactly what stress is and how to fight it - that's the key.

For example, did you know that you can actually go through different stages of stress before you even realize it is affecting your life?

Isn’t it about time to take control of stress before it takes control of YOU?

Let me help you. My name is Gary Vurnum and I'm a successful self improvement author and teacher. I've been helping tens of thousands of people just like you since 2001. (If you've never heard of me - you can see some of what I do here...and here are testimonials from ordinary people all over the world whom I've helped change their lives).

Over the years, I've been in many stressful situations...

  • I've been made redundant with no payout with a young family to provide for
  • Resulting bad business decisions almost pushed me to bankruptcy with close on $1m in debt.
  • Just a couple of years ago, my wife of 14 years left me overnight for someone she met online, taking the children I adored with her.
  • Plus, for four years, my young son Connor struggled for life - and each day was a struggle of hospitals, emergencies, resuscitations, operations, and more stress than you could ever imagine. Losing a child is perhaps one of life's challenges that is hard to accept, I can tell you.

So I guess you could say that I've been through a lot of stress up until this point in my life - although I expect that you certainly have had as many similarly stressful experiences in your life, too.

Yet - now I live the life that most people could only ever dream of. As I write this I'm sipping a Cappuccino in my local Starbucks as I check my emails before I head off to the cinema. A couple of hours 'work' (if you could call it that) and that's MY Monday. I take vacations when I want. I'm still able to see my daughters during the week after school.

Far from having a 'Monday morning feeling' - most of the time I don't even know what day of the week it is unless I check!

As I've dealt with the stress in my own life I have, over time, developed my own 'formula' for making sure that when things don't quite go according to plan, the impact both on my stress levels and my life in general, is minimal.

My four-year-old youngest, Skye, has never heard me raise my voice or even lose my cool! So - I can tell you from personal experience that leading a practically stress-free life IS possible!

However I fully admit that, where managing stress is concerned, I'm certainly not the world's greatest expert.

So, even though I may be more qualified than most - I also I hunted down everything I could online, using my experience to weed out the stuff that I knew blatantly wouldn't work from the 'gold' - often hidden literally in the backwaters of the Internet.

In fact, I also searched in almost all of bookstores too. I had to wade through so much dry theory my head hurt! And often, when I tried to apply theory in real life, it didn't even work!

Sound familiar? Bet you've bought similar stuff to me without getting decent results too, right?

I realized why most of the books I read don't work. First, they are just GENERAL stress relief books that don't really get to the bottom of what we really need to know!

Secondly, most of the so-called 'stress relief expert' writers weren't the REAL writers! I know for a fact that one of the most popular ebooks out there on stress relief was ghostwritten for an Internet marketer!

It's a sad fact that most of what is written about stress relief isn't even based on real-life experience - just some 'one size fits all' wonder cure that assumes everyone suffers from stress in the same way, which clearly isn't the case!

So...I ended up doing my own research so that I could really get to the bottom of what was really important to know. (And of course, I wanted to learn as much as I could so that I could only share with only the proven ways to deal with stress.)

I also dug out my old coaching notes - as it would always surprise me how simple some solutions were once you got away from being emotionally attached to the outcome. My clients were always surprised at my 'amazing insight' but dealing with stress isn't really that complicated when you really put your mind to it!

Then, I surfed the internet, burning the midnight oil to read articles and forum posts to make sure that I will share with you was consistent.

If you were to ask me whether all this was worth the effort, I'll say YES because I finally got my answers. In fact, I'd like to think that I now know as much about the best ways to deal with stress as any of the so-called 'experts' out there!.

Well. It's taken me months of hard work to pull together, but I truly believe that here's your ticket to fast-track learn just that.

It's time for you to start believing that, no matter what you are currently dealing with in your life - you CAN deal with it without letting it get to you.


"The Stress Relief Solution - How To Live Without A Care In The World!"

This is unlike ANY stress relief information you might get from an expert, because it's researched from people who have personal experience. Ask yourself, if you want to learn how to fly, would you ask a sailor to teach you or an airplane pilot?

With that said, "The Stress Relief Solution" is a collection of tips and secrets, not only from my own experience, but also from many people who spend a lot of time finding out what truly works (like you and me), instead of opinions of a single 'leadership expert'.

The challenge is that, I expect that like me, you probably don't have a lot of time to spend wading through an e-book on your computer. I expect that you've already got a few of them lying around on your desktop unread like I have, haven't you?!

So...thanks to wonders of modern technology, I have designed "The Stress Relief Solution" in a way that you cannot help but learn and take action from. This Program is unlike any other online.

In A Matter Of Minutes Each Week...You Can Learn The 'Real Life' Secrets Behind stress relief So That You Can Start Eliminating It From Your Life Quickly And Easily!

Here's what you get when you have decided to discover "The Stress Relief Solution"...

EVERY WEEK for just 20 will get FOUR mini-lessons, each of which will only take just a few minutes to learn, understand, and apply.

This is what you get EACH WEEK...

1. Videos Of Each Of The FOUR Mini-Lessons

Thanks to recent advances in technology - you will be able to watch each mini-lesson as a professionally recorded video presentation. These are for you if you prefer to watch, listen, and read at the same time - just like you would at a normal seminar!

You can view them via 'streaming' online, or you can download the video files which can be easily played on your computer whenever you need to reference them.

2. Audio Recordings Of Each Of The FOUR Mini-Lessons

In these professionally recorded audios, each mini-lesson is explained in depth, but also in an easy-to-understand way so that you can fully grasp what you need to learn.

Available as an mp3 download so you can either listen via your iPod or other mp3 player, or via your PC - wherever you are.

3. Fully Edited Transcriptions Of Each Of The FOUR Mini-Lessons

These have been personally edited by me (I hate it when recordings aren't edited for reading properly!)

If, like me, you prefer to read rather than listen, then this is for you. Handy to print out and read when you feel like it, these transcriptions cover word-for-word each of the FOUR mini-lessons, but have been edited properly as if they had been written first.

4. Self-Analysis Questions Workbook Covering All Mini-Lessons

The key to understanding what you are learning is to look at how to apply it to YOUR life. Each week you will also receive a 'workbook' designed for you to print out and work through.

You will have a question about each of the FOUR mini-lessons for that week, which is designed to get you focusing on how to APPLY what you learn from each lesson. I purposely added these as this is the most powerful way to really understand what you are learning, based upon my experiences with previous coaching clients.

5. Unique Inspiring Screensaver

Every will also get a new screensaver full of uplifting and inspiring images to keep you focused on the positive even when you aren't using this Program.

Every image also includes a motivating and inspirational quote designed to get you thinking about what is possible in your life. Ideal as a little 'pick me up' - each screensaver is full of unique images which will be constantly reminding you that your life CAN be so much more happy and positive!

Remember...each mini-lesson is designed to last just a few minutes. That way - you don't need to set aside hours of time to learn how to be happier and have zero stress in your life, you can just find a time that suits you and your lifestyle.

You're much more likely to take action and actually make the most of this Program if you don't have to suddenly find hours every week to use it! This is why many 'home study courses' never work - because you never quite find the time to work through them!

Not only that, because each mini-lesson is available in video, audio, and written transcript - you can learn in the way that YOU prefer to learn!

OK. So we've established how I will deliver my eye-opening discoveries about how YOU can turn yourself into the sort of person who just makes the most of life and NEVER gets stressed!

Now let's look at what you learn from JUST Week One alone...

  • The simple 2-second process to immediately relieve your stress
  • The easy visualization technique that transports you to a more restful place
  • The crucial influence of what you eat and drink on your stress levels
  • Why how you breathe has an impact on how calm you can be
  • The single thing that can immediately make you feel more relaxed
  • The secret of managing your time and schedule
  • The real truth about perfectionism and happiness
  • The role that forgiveness plays in creating a more stress-free life
  • Why the lack of a single vitamin can lead to an increase in your stress levels
  • The simple lesson of living in the right way
  • How some simple preparation can ward off huge amounts of anxiety
  • The unique use of goal-setting to help you feel better about life
  • A cheap and easy way to recharge your spirit when you feel yourself flagging
  • The right way to use affirmations to improve your life
  • The single thing that you should never do which always leads to more stress
  • The one thing you should immediately do as soon as your start feeling angry
  • The worry cycle - and how you can easily move yourself out of it
  • The simple way to deal with anxiety
  • And much more...

Not only's just some what you will discover in the first month...

  • The simple things you need to do to easily manage conflict in your life
  • How self-doubt can lead to stress without you realizing it
  • How to immediately spot of someone you love is suffering from stress
  • The secret of consistency in managing your life
  • Why 90% of diseases as caused by stress, and what you can do about it
  • The simple process which will immediately alert you to what is causing you stress
  • Why even just washing your face can help you manage stress better
  • The re-framing secret that will help you put things into better perspective
  • How to use the 'relaxation response' to immediately make yourself calm
  • How to pull yourself out of a negative slump - no matter what it is
  • The true cause of stress - and what you can do about it
  • How to easily deal with an overbearing boss at work in a stress-free way
  • Why focusing on the past causes you stress in the future
  • The simple stress-releasing secret of a Roman philosopher
  • The fundamental role that responsibility plays on your ability to deal with stress
  • Why expectation is a very dangerous stress-creation process!
  • The simplest way to use self-hypnosis to deal with your stress
  • Why the type of music you listen is critical
  • How to remain calm no matter what sort of commute you have!
  • The important role that sleep plays in leading a stress-free life
  • What changing your routine can help you deal with life more effectively
  • Why it is often better to do nothing than something!
  • And much, much, more...

Remember - this is just a sample of what you will learn in just the first 4 weeks!

Imagine how different your life your new stress-free life will be after the entire 20-week Program!

I've put together these steps and first-rate tips for you to start finally truly getting to the bottom of understanding everything you need to know about eliminating stress from your life once and for all! Within minutes you'll begin to discover what I have spent months researching. How great is that?!

I won't lie to you - I took a lot of time getting the information together for "The Stress Relief Solution". Plus I've made sure that the audios were recorded professionally so that they sound just as good as any audio you'd hear that was recorded in a studio. (If you don't believe me - just wait until you listen to it!)

Plus I have had videos created, transcripts professionally edited, and created the workbook that brings what you learn all together.

So if I invested my time to investigate, summarize, and record a resource that promises that you'll immediately discover the REAL truth about how to deal with stress from REAL people... how much would you be willing to invest in it?

If you were searching for these useful tips yourself, it would easily take you months (or even years!) to discover them. But obviously, you DO NOT have that kind of time because YOU WANT to do other stuff that you actually enjoy!

Or, if you go ahead and buy several stress relief books or ebooks, you'll end up spending over $200.00 or more. Mind you, these books are NOT about the experiences of REAL people like you want, but a general opinion by some 'expert' who probably didn't ever had to deal with anything like you have had to!

Remember...EVERY week, you will get FOUR to-the-point mini-lessons that you can choose to watch on video, listen to the audio, or read. (That's sixteen mini-lessons every month!) Plus you will also get the Workbook personally written by me that will pull it all together.

I'll be honest with you. I've seen ebooks for $97 that content less usable information than just one week of "The Stress Relief Solution". But, although I could easily charge you that, I really want YOU to finally find the relief from stress that you deserve! can subscribe and get immediate access to week 1 of "The Stress Relief Solution" for just $27! That only works out at a ridiculous $1.68 per lesson each month - and that's without the weekly screensaver! Isn't it worth the price of a coffee to finally rid your life of stress for good?

Not only that - I will also honor my usual guarantee. So the risk is 100% mine...


60-Day Money-Back 'No-Risk' Guarantee: I truly believe that you will be completely thrilled by "The Stress Relief Solution" as I know that what we will learn together has already changed the lives of the many people already.

However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the next 60 days if you are dissatisfied for any reason. The risk is all mine. If, once you start the Program, and you're not sure if it's right for you - then feel free to ask for a refund - no questions asked.

Look. You're reading this for a reason.

You CAN eliminate stress from your life and wake up happy every single day! It's all laid out for you - right here...

Your initial charge will be $27. You will then be charged $27/month for 4 months after your initial charge has been made.
You can cancel with no obligation at any time.

Take it from me as someone who has suffered some serious stressful situations in their life - it is possible to walk around with a smile on your face - no matter what else is going on in your life!

You can either try to work it all out yourself (which, let's face it - hasn't worked so far as otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!) or you can let me use my years of experience to help you.

Don't you owe it to yourself and your family to really see if it is possible to lead a life where you don't have a care in the world?

Now's your chance to finally eliminate stress completely from your life - and turn the corner and begin leading a happy and fulfilling life that is really worth living!

So what are you waiting for?

To Our Success!

Gary Vurnum

P.S. You will be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply what I share with you IMMEDIATELY. But if by any chance you find that "The Stress Relief Solution" is not suitable for you, you are protected by my 100% ironclad money back guarantee for the next 60 days. If you're not happy, then I'm not I'll be glad to give you a full refund - no questions asked.